Where to go when world ends…

We might be at the end of a “TOP DOWN” world where those at the top can even hack at what lies below them, destabalizing growth. Where should we go? Women, men, and kids are empowering the roots of health in movements like 350.org’s 10/10/10 day. New answers are in our roots: Relationship, Family, Local Community, Great Mystery, Stuff we make, The Basics.


Dig in, dig down into the root system of health and life: the wisdom of the body. To create, play, and rest together nourishes the roots. The axiom “Less is more” is not about less fun, joy, community, mysticism, adventure, power, health. It’s means more of the things seen in practices like Dances of Universal Peace, amazing collaborations like AppalAsia with the Alash Tuvan Throat Singers (Mimi plays with Pittsburgh InterPlayers) and the crazy spirit of people who InterPlay!

Nourish the roots of change with your change! Where I put time, energy, and money I plant the Tree of the Future.


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