72 year old found Color of Hope @ InterPlay

It is a strange gift to overhear people who don’t know me say that after struggling with heavy hearts, stormy lives, and depression, for the first time in a long while in an InterPlay class something new happened. They felt joy. Hope.

I know. InterPlay is heaven-sent to me, too. Hope is a miracle.

Naomi Pridjian, all 72 years of her, writes a blog on hope. She went to Jane Siarny’s InterPlay group in Chicago after hearing her friend Anne Sigler (Albuquerque) talk it up. Now she’s hooked. She said,

“My goal is joy in exploding colors of the rainbow—the same experience as being in love—an experience of complete, indescribably harmonious fulfillment. I get that when I dance at my InterPlay sessions and am transported beyond my self…into my Self…together with God. My cup is not half full or all full, it runneth over. How this happens is pretty simple: I drive to the place where the InterPlayers gather, participate fully and receive not only happiness, but Joy. It is a type of prayer and worship. Each time I go, I make a down payment on more of it. I haven’t lost my concerns or troubles, I’ve turned my mourning into dancing for a while and the color of anxiety/despair/hopelessness lightens…” Read the rest here.

Why is it so delicious when something you do matters? Dunno. Just know that it makes me glad.

Thanks to all of you who create containers for hope! You may be giving someone a memory they’ll never forget!

Phil will be in Chicago soon! Check it out…come play even if you want to just watch! There is much more to see on the website happening in Chicago!

One Response to 72 year old found Color of Hope @ InterPlay

  1. Dyck Dewid says:

    Such a nice gift. Such nice food. I add a little question with intent as my gift.

    Is Hope taken in you as a destination, or as an incremental step on your journey, i.e. to ‘know’?

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