7th grade InterPlay rocks homeroom!

To avoid freaking out a real or inner 7th grader… offer  a) heaps of affirmation b) solid teaching techniques c) and a leader who can have fun.

Some lucky kids head into their bumpy teens with InterPlay’s power of affirmation, improvisational creativity and tools to claim body wisdom.

Stan Stewart Sawyer and Anita Bondi know. They InterPlayed with Susan Featro’s 7th Graders in Pennsylvania.

In Mumbai, India Ligia & Jaime da Fonseca enthrall teens in a School Orientation programme.

Come play, have fun and relax and get refreshed, renewed with more body spirit. Is this possible?

We enter the room with a lot of love, hope and excitement.  A room full of over 50 youngsters with eager eyes await us. They only know that it is the day for their Orientation Programme. What does it mean???? A lecture, or an interactive group discussion…….?  Something to orient them into what???? It surely cannot be play which is indoors in a school building.

We begin by centering ourselves and listening to our hearts as we close our eyes. Initially there are smiles and then like angels their bodies begin to smile from within. They love the singing gong!  It’s resounding sound starts the music in their hearts.

Warm up, stretch and yawn, they surely do and respond so easily and shake off all that they would like to, like leaves falling from the trees. Shake, Shake, Shake!!!! The loud sighs and sounds help them exform so easily.

What fun imagining we are kicking dry leaves (and just like Mother Earth transforms everything into manure) they also eagerly  spread the goodness around to each other and then to the rest of the world.  Even the quiet ones are slowly warming up to play.

Now begins the fun…. We walk slowly…… even slow is fast with youngsters as their world is on the move all the time. Each time we go at a slower pace and then…..  They love the still moments…… Some find it so difficult to close their eyes. Are they the shy ones or the scared ones? Maybe both, but with personal encouragement they give it a try and slowly begin to enjoy this world with closed eyes that helps them go on their inward journey.

…Their reflection after an experience of joyful connections with everyone is so deep as they go round connecting in a circular form. They realize how important it is to connect with all, even though our differences are great…. Their eyes open wide as they see possibilities of initiating connections in their families and friends circles. The experience is so profound, there is a loud request for MORE….

When we once asked some 12 year-old kids,” what do we gain by listening to our hearts?: what amazed us was the wisdom of one child that said,”  My  heart tells me what is the most loving thing to do in a situation.”  Another girl once said “My heart tells me how each time I can make a new beginning.”  This is truly how InterPlay is all about participating in a mystery, going to the unknown and evolving from there.

Story telling and babbling brings out a world of imagination and fun and allows us to get into their world. We all begin to dream together and get into each other’s world as our subconscious speaks.

Tired yet peaceful we lie down to rest, relax , refresh ourselves and allow our hand to dance, surrendering our spirits to our creator we now curl up and get into our bodies closer to our hearts and souls. The dance between body, mind and spirit has begun and will go on…….

Imgine InterPlay for homeroom, health, art, writing, as a way to help a project flow, to let go of stress so learning can happen!



4 Responses to 7th grade InterPlay rocks homeroom!

  1. Dyck says:

    Can this really be? Does this really happen? So inspiring kids reactions to IP and its gentle ways.

    Thinking about this play-fullness is doing something to me right now… engaging me, filling me with excitement, I feel it opening my possibilities… Calling on the child in me.

    • YES! it is really happening! and it is amazing to be with the kids in this way! this month stan and i will go to HIGH SCHOOL!
      InterPlay with a slightly older group of kids. I am scared and excited! Hopefully another video will follow!
      AND…this is all on a grant!!! kudos to the amazing next gen graduate Susan Featro who believes in the power of InterPlay to change the world!

  2. Cynthia, Thanks for posting this about Susan Featro, Anita Bondi and me. It was an awesome experience. This year, Susan has received an award that will allow us to visit a high school class room. I can hardly wait to improv with the students!

    Dyck, Yes. This really happened and happens. Awesome, huh?

    Playful blessings,
    Stan Stewart (aka @muz4now)

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