Powerful India Video: Rising before we die!

In India we saw it. InterPlay could make miracles happen. Traveling into places of great need, over and over caregivers would question whether their community would respond. Repeatedly, men, women, parents, children ROSE UP. Factory workers ROSE UP. People with multiple sclerosis, leprosy, mental illness, disabled vets seized hope from the InterPlay teachers. Women in the slum laughed and rejoiced. They wanted to live.

We see the same thing happen in the US. InterPlay’s set of simple-to-do invitations lead people to reconnect, move, give voice and speech, and enjoy stillness. This rising phenomenon happens among homeless men in a shelter and among privileged, educated men and women often at odds, depressed, and despondent about the world.

How does one live? Mystics and artists enter the dance of life, the color, the song and breath of life. Do not wait for suffering to end. Life brings its own medicine. Our creative spirit is this medicine.

Prashant, Hazel, Jaime and Ligia contribute great heart to life, peace, and the love of the Divine in India. Yet, InterPlay was founded in the US amongst people who deeply need the integration of grace and wholeness. Doesn’t it make sense that those saturated in western, body-anxious ways would also need to find balance and life? Trying to understand the relationship of dance, the body, and theology I trained with Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant scholars at the Graduate Theological Union. Father Jake Empereur SJ, was a pivotal doctoral program advisor. He also taught ballroom dance.

I am grateful to all individuals so full of grace, wisdom, and fun who taught me. But most of all I am grateful to the wisdom of our body, the best teacher on the planet for those who are ready to rise.

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