InterPlay Rates! Yes to the big 5 for the Happy Planet Index

10/10/10 was an earth action day. What did I do? I sucked up huge quantities of fuel by flying across country. Hmmmmmm. OK. I also gave heart and soul to people in Pittsburgh doing what I think of as human permaculture: rebuilding the organic soil of human experience.Singing, dancing, connecting, telling stories, and making music does that.

I’ve been realizing that humanity is made fertile again by things like InterPlay. This is joyfully reinforced by Nic Marks, a statistician who gave a TED talk on The Happy Planet Index. The underlying idea is that happy humans are found to consume less and are easier on the earth and each other. I highly recommend that you watch it when you have 16 minutes.

But here is the REALLY COOL PART! Ned and his team discovered five things that make our life and our planet happiest. Are you ready?

1) Connect

2) Take Notice

3) Stay Active

4) Keep Learning

5) Give

WOW! That’s what we do in InterPlay! He didn’t mention fun but you can tell it’s on his mind- not obsessed at all. He’s a statistician AND a player with an eye on moving people from Gross National Product Mindset to the HP Index.

Everywhere I go now I meet young people creating art and practical visions for healthier lives. Check out Tevyn: a Theologian/Dancer on tour with the Affording Hope Project, and Mark Dixon of YERT: Your Environment Road Trip who performed a big gesture choir story with us in Pittsburgh! Thanks Mark! (Check out the trailer for the movie of a round the US road trip where 3 friends keep all their trash with them for a year and visit amazing people doing amazing things.)

I don’t know about you but I am getting inspired. My next car will be a bus. On November 6 at the Bay Area Million Connections Celebration InterPlayers will be flash mobbing 5 ways to publically transport our happy bodies. Stay tuned. Or email me if you want to play, too.

Till then 10/11 and onward may every day be an earth action play day.


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