Sean Leaves a Trace of Whimsey

March 1, 2010

Sean has a story, love and wisdom to share. Below is the beginning and the end of an entry in Sean’s blog. But its what’s in the middle that sings of a body’s deep demanding work. Read this story and you’ll know what I mean. Thanks Sean for dancing, playing, and opening your life to so much love!  May it return to you a thousand fold and also to all of us.


Leaving a Trace of Whimsy

So, I’ve chosen to do something that is intentionally and completely just for me… I am enrolled in the Interplay Life Practice Program this spring.  It’s something that I think would surprise people who don’t know me well or who only see the public persona of “minister.”

Interplay touches some very important parts of my life and passion. I identified as a dancer before anything else I can remember.  I started dance classes when I was just about four years old and immediately fell in love with ballet.  Dance class was a place where I was allowed to be strong, beautiful, graceful, committed, disciplined, and it was all suffused with joy.  Flying through the air in a tour-jete or leaping in a grand jete was like flying under my own power.

Sean’s story

The ending:
I am now a dancer again.  A dancer and singer and storyteller and PLAYer.  And my body had a pretty wonderful secret to tell me, “The joy wasn’t buried very far under the surface.  It’s right there. You can have it again.” And I do.  As weird as I know I must look-an overweight, forty-four year old guy spinning and swinging and playing-I have my joy back.  I don’t care how it looks. A part of me has come home.  Laugh if you want-I am.  Laughing and laughing at this absurd little dance that is my sweet, sweet life.

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