Don’t tell Mom I’m just playing?

May 8, 2011

Don’t tell Mom that I’ve gone public with my testimony about her brave, beautiful journey of dancing with Alzheimer’s on my other blog, Mystic Tech. Here’s the link. I’m proud that InterPlay offers ways to uplift our community members who suffer with dementia, depression, and other d words. We’re more than a disease, we’re dancers.

Don’t tell Mom that little by little I’ve learned that I don’t have to work so hard. Mom works hard even with Alzheimer’s. Nap? Naaaaaa. Fortunately, she always told me to do what I love. Thanks Mom! I am working on it!

Don’t tell Mom that I broke the secret pact that gives her dibs on being the only good cook in our family. Turns out that I wrote a cookbook for the heart, What the Body Wants: InterPlay. It’s full of recipes for the secret sauce, chewy morsels, and creamy centers of life. O.K., it’s not an actual cookbook. I’ll never cook a meal like you, Mom.

Don’t tell Mom about the other Mother’s: Mother Earth, the Great Mother of us all, Mother Death, and the Mom in me. Tell her, though, that She Alone is mother of my dancing heart. I love you Mom.

I wish I could tell Mom

• that InterPlay got a $25,000 county grant for innovations in mental health to work with Homeless Seniors and how Phil is leading the team that is offering that program through 2012.

•  that I am off to England to lead the first Arts and Social Change: Secrets of InterPlay and that my sister and I get to visit her ancestor’s villages.

• about meeting and mentoring young artists from the US, Australia, India, South America, and Rwanda who are signing up for InterPlay’s Arts and Social Change Next Gen program

or that granddaughter #1 got her first paid gig as a makeup and hair artist, and that granddaughters #2 and #3 are equally gorgeous, smart and about to graduate from 9th and 12th grade.

Mom would probably nonchalantly say, “As long as you’re all happy,” cuz a good mom knows she did her job if her offspring find happiness.

I AM HAPPY with a plus sign. I AM AWAKE, ALIVE, LOVED and AN ARTIST, teaching others how to play, find ease, and create a good life. Thanks, Mom(s)!

8 secret powers useful when change is afoot (no pun intended)

February 28, 2011

Phil Porter, Cynthia Winton-Henry photo: Carly Rosin

Somewhere in the midst of improvising with body and soul, listening to life, and honing 26 core InterPlay practices Phil Porter performed 8 of our key tools as a set. We were in North Carolina at the beach. He got up in front of thirty folks and the 8 tools flew out in a fun, powerful, body intellectual lecture in Phil’s inimitable style! Today, wherever people lead the life practice program these 8 tools form the foundation, the bones of InterPlay. When change is afoot they help us navigate.

Noticing any changes in the world?

The 8 tools are part of a larger set of 26 core elements. When people think of InterPlay they often reference forms like sighing, shaking, Babbling, Hand-to-Hand Contact, the Warm-up, Walking, Stopping & Running, One-Hand Dances, Toning, and one breath songs. Yet, it’s the 8 tools that are the backbone organizing our beautiful, brainy beings to be able to amplify and enjoy embodied thought, movement, breath, voice, speech and connection. What are they?


1) Easy Focus or… how to lighten a stifling, serious look on life.

2) Body Data, Body Knowledge, Body Wisdom or how to catch  on to what’s right under your nose.

3) Internal/External Authority or how to honor your knowing even when you can’t articulate it.

4) The Physicality of Grace, or how to become a grace operative, amplifying what brings healthy energy in a crazy world.

5) Exformation, or how to find and let loose the wisdom inside you in creative, easy, and mind-blowing ways.

6) Incrementality or how to be an overnight success by being in your body, taking a step at a time, and celebrating more.

7) Body Wisdom Practices (aka Spiritual Disciplines), or how to use fun, ingenious practices to have more of what you want.

8) Affirmation. Affirmation. Affirmation or, how affirming others makes a world of difference.

On the printed page these 8 tools are just words. It’s when you actually play with them on a body level that they make sense. Would you be shocked that this is the stuff that 1000 graduates have found encouraging, helpful, and life changing?! Nothing replaces doing InterPlay and joining the real web for which your body was designed.

If you are curious to know more about the 8 tools, leave a comment and we’ll send you a free pdf of Phil’s book, Having It All: Body Mind Heart and Spirit Together Again At Last.

Readers say: “Master-teachers Porter and Winton-Henry have discovered a new way of “being” in the world. This book is foundational in an understanding of the philosophy which they both teach and live. I recommend it to anyone seeking greater integration and wholeness in their lives.”

“Phil outlines exactly what it takes to “heal the split” between body, mind and spirit. I have followed these suggestions, and they really work. For those of you who are looking for ways to improve and/or heal your connection with yourself and others, this is truly a winning way to go.”

Or, better yet, get thee to a Life Practice Program, now in its 17th year. If you did it ages ago, come again. Long time InterPlayers revel in the new developments and the price break. In the next few months the Secrets of InterPlay and the Life Practice Program will come to MN, Kansas, the UK in May, and to Oakland for Next Gen Leaders 18-30. The secrets are out! Come play. Change is afoot.

Spirituality and Body Wisdom

February 22, 2010

NOT LONG AGO relief, prayer, connection, and courage were primarily accessed through rituals of the body. Gatherings were in a domain of dance, song, and enacted revelations of spiritual imagination, all imparted with care by leaders from generation to generation, body to body, teacher to student. Remarkable technologies of healing, communal regeneration and divine support were bred through the body. Five paths- breath and movement, stories shared in plain speak or poetry, connecting hands, feet, earth and hearts, raising voice in cry and song, and easy stillness that offered unconditional space to just be.  Movement, voice, word, connection, stillness: five great freedoms, five routes to wisdom, five ways to receive life and let it go.

These five aspects of embodied experience, (accessible in InterPlay sequences) are begging to dance us and free us, body and soul, and lead us from one moment to the next. But, three things are necessary: we must be willing to enter the real, physicality of the dance of life, often easiest for the poor in spirit who humbly sense a need for love and guidance beyond current resources. The second need is a single step. Moving one step at a time is our body’s way to both have life and let go.  Dancing is gain and letting go.  The third need is to open our focus beyond sight, beyond the mono-vision of word, to the simultaneously complex and simple life within and around us. In InterPlay, we call this practice easy focus. It doesn’t mean minles of focus-less. It is a physical practice of opening, relaxing and welcoming more information. It is a great way to have  more life without the need to resolve it.

Clergy, rabbi’s, chaplains, healers, mindfulness teachers and interfaithful leaders are finding InterPlay a helpful route back to the immediacy of spirit. What relief to have our whole being (mind, heart, spirit, flesh) find ease, direction, comfort, and profound connection in what seems like play. In a phone conversation this week Liz Ellmann, Executive Director of Spiritual Director’s International, called to invite me to a twentieth anniversary gathering of their organization. Having been a member of an InterPlay group for spiritual leaders in the Seattle area for years she shared her gratitude for her InterPlay practice. Their event is attracting hundreds of international participants. At InterPlayce, April 7th the Wednesday before it starts we’ll host a gathering for spiritual leaders to InterPlay, dine out, and attend the first 7 pm session on InterPlay and Mindfulness led by InterPlayers Prashant Olalker from India, Connors McConville, Chinh Nguyen, and myself. This day will include celebrating Betsey Beckman and Christine Painter’s almost released book Awakening the Creative Spirit: Bringing the Arts to Spiritual Direction and The Dancing Word: Mary Magdalene, a DVD and class both of which incorporate InterPlay practices for spiritual direction. My new book Dance: A Sacred Art: Discovering the Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice published by Sklyight Paths Publishing is also a great resource for personal and collective practice.

Here is a worship service incorporating InterPlay called Dancing with Loss and Letting Go, led by InterPlay Cofounder Cynthia Winton-Henry with Carla DeSola, Maggie Kast, Jaime and Ligia da Fonseca of India, Leo Keegan, Rev Melinda McLain, PSR chorale and guests.

Bubble Theory of Social Change: Devil 0/ Funlovers 1,000,000

February 9, 2010

Praise to you who are tender.
Praise to you who conjure joy.
Praise to you who leap speed-bumps of difference.
Praise to you who affirm others at the drop of a hat.
Praise to you who dance, sing, laugh, cry, and speak of love without restraint.
Praise to you who in social awkward moments risk embarrassment in order to connect.
For you bind, bond, play, heal, renew, weave the world again and again.
Thank you!
Those who divide (d/evil) un-do others, but in the long run there is no point to it. Hence, da devil gets NO POINT- Zero!

Here’s a new theory of social change. I call it the bubble theory. Instead of becoming one big circle, maybe we need bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles of pro-activty, moving, bumping, overlapping, saying thank you. (Did you know that hydrogen passes by oxygen 17 times till it connects to makes water?—someone check me on that…i heard it through the grapevine).

How do bodies want to organize? Like bubbles! Like atoms, molecules, cells, dividing (in creative ways) multiplying, bit by bit. They want to be both part of the fountain of life and a unique contributor.

Historic change and challenge seems to produce more bubbles. Maybe we’re a soup that is heating up. The constraints and limits of our situation are like a lid. When the lid goes on, the soup heats up. More and more bubbles. Maybe is good. Soup needs to be hot, not luke warm.

All this is to say, I think the time of bubbles is here and InterPlay is one of the bubble factories! YAY!

I see rampant indications of young and old people who are oddly bubbly (when not completely depressed). I see bubblicious actions popping up everywhere.
And these bubbles cannot be stopped. They are colliding, connecting, and multiplying-bubbles of buoyant embodied beauty, fun, and connection. The bubbles are popping up in unexpected places-halls of science, academic meetings, down in the dumps, slums, and in our homes.

Here are bits of evidence from the InterPlay Bubble Factory

· Million Connections Campaign celebrating all kinds of wonder: Our score since October nears 50,000 (and I haven’t even logged my India connections!)

· Arts for Social Change: InterPlay for Next Gen Leaders: We already have signups for the 15 slots

· New InterPlay groups starting in Kansas City, Portland, Ashland, Montana, Ohio, Chennai India, etc etc.

· Outreach to St. Mary’s Homeless Seniors in Oakland

and on and on…

Praise be to bubbles and to all the ways we are moving…

India Stories

February 1, 2010

InterPlay in IndiaDay Two in Bangalore, India we shared InterPlay at Vimochana Forum for Women’s Rights, a center working towards gendered justice and reaffirming the ethic of the feminine. The center is dedicated to making violence against women unthinkable. I went with InterPlayers Francoise from India, and Cassie and Trish Delaney from Australia. In the open, clean courtyard my eye rested on a metal bowl of red marigolds afloat in water. On the walls were beautiful African masks, spirit ancestors, and in the conference room library a poster with words from a Native American chief.

We sat and had coffee. One of the founders, just back from New York, shared the history of the center that started in 1979. I recalled that that was the year I married, started seminary, and met Phil.

She told of how the women’s movement in India arose from fighting against the outright violence against women. I thought of my dream of a memorial for victims of domestic violence and my own journey to renounce violence.

She spoke of women murdered, burned, of suicides and the work of the women’s courts. Then, the workshop participants started arriving. One group from a village took three bus rides to get there. Translation made teaching slow but meaningful. There were giggles as women encountered InterPlay’s practices and we began connecting, connecting, connecting. I taught the five essential freedoms: to move, have our voice, connect, do nothing, and tell our story and the five elemental movements of healthy interaction: to lead, follow, blend, change, and reconnect. At the end the women who traveled the farthest encircled us with their spontaneous dancing and we spontaneously followed them in movement, laughter and spirit.

InterPlay in IndiaOne young woman, 17 years old, took us to her heart. She would have easily become a friend had there been opportunity. I’ll never forget seeing her stand before the poster of the Native American chief with Trish asking about each word and its meaning as she wrote it down, words that spoke of refusing to speak of God if doing so created violence, oppression, and division. Observing Trish’s gratitude I took it in as a deep meditation on the cross cultural support, wisdom, and friendship that can be sparked in such brief moments. Once again I realized, it is not only what InterPlay does in the moment, it is what results from InterPlay that is so profound- the spontaneous life, healing, and humanity. InterPlay offers sneaky-deep, homeopathic, social medicine with surprisingly powerful outcomes… stuff that our greatest spiritual teachers want for us.

Adrienne Rich said, “Violence is the failure to connect.” This is how InterPlay serves as peace-making. Anytime we make ease-filled, rich connections and foster chances for people to notice, share and celebrate the most everyday truths, we strengthen the underlying web that fosters harmony, innovation, and resource sharing. We learn things about each other we never knew. We bond. Violence becomes less and less desirable. Peace rises up in families, non-profits, organizations, on the street when this happens regularly.

InterPlay in IndiaFor many such simple practices like InterPlay takes tremendous courage. We have good reasons to fear being open, direct, and full of life. That is why the practice of InterPlay in community is so useful. Giving people regular chances to rediscover on a body level that it might be OK to “come out” and play, work, be, and create with others is an increasing need in a world of anonymous, virtual, and isolating practices. Amazingly, those with the least to lose-the hopeless, the sick, the homeless, and the imprisoned are often quickest to respond to InterPlay. Courage to live is something they already practice every day.

InterPlay is offering elegant simple tools to more and more people all around the world. In India we shared InterPlay with paraplegics, elders, women with extreme depression, people with multiple sclerosis, teen women just out of prison, village people, school children, and leaders of NGO’s and corporations. There were so many open doors thanks to Prashant and our friends Bobby and Sampoorna.

Masankho Banda taught InterPlay in Frankfurt. Phil taught in Sydney and Adelaide Australia, and Nadia taught InterPlay in Brazil at the World Social Forum. Friends in Thailand, Japan, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Montana, and France ask if InterPlay is happening where they are… Together we are making a difference. Stay tuned.

InterPlay in the news:

Drumming Up Energy by Vishakha Avachat

Let your inner child have a free run: InterPlay Helps Participants Reach A Higher Plane Through Spontaneity And Intuitionby Joeanna Rebello

Clergy merge body, mind, soul in class by Yonat Shimron

Meditation – The Dance of Life by Life Positive

Dealing With Rape by Sanaya Chavda

Find these stories and more on the InterPlay Hot News page!

From Nadia in Brazil:

The InterPlay experience at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
I would like to share my experience leading InterPlay – art, multiculturalism, social change and cultures of peace at the World Social Forum in Brazil on January 27 and 29. The first day was at Faculdade QI College in Porto Alegre with 25 teachers, 2 computer technicians, a visual artist and  2 musicians – percussion and guitar. We had a wonderful experience, a very playful morning and in about 2 minutes all people were already feeling free to play. The second day I lead a multigenerational and multicultural group at the World Social Forum Youth Camp in Nova Hamburgo connecting people from Uruguai, Brazil and Argentina with mother earth and a lot of fun in the middle of the mud! It´s amazing how InterPlay simple forms can lead people to connect easily. As a performer with extensive training for more than 20 years, I recognize that simple forms, clear comands and incremental steps are very important to encourage people to let go the barriers and simply play. I am very happy to be part of this International community of people engaged in transformation through art. It´s a blessing to get to know people like Masankho Banda who came to Brazil and opened people´s heart with his wisdom using InterPlay forms. I understand now that whatever you do, it is always about leading people connecting heart to heart. The responsibility of starting InterPlay in Brazil is certainly something that I am aware of. I will always do my best to respect the work that has already been built by so many people and specially Cynthia and Phil my gratitude for your effort and dedication over so many years. InterPlay in Brazil is growing step by step and with this I am also growing because my main motivation is self development and the happiness of having more and more people also into a path of love, integrity and hope of a better world. Read some news from the World Social Forum official website
Nadia Thalji

InterPlayful Gift Giving

December 2, 2009

Gifts love to move. When a gift passes between one person and another a bond happens. That’s why I have notorious gift giving tendencies. Connection is too much fun!

When Anita Bondi gifted InterPlay with 100 sets of the InterPlay Inspiration Deck, a new 21 card deck and 42 page booklet based on the principles and practices of InterPlay, I immediately gifted a set to my sister. She has a great sense of humor and works hard at a corporate job and as a fun-loving mom. She emailed,  “So I brought my fun pack of round cards.  I was drawn to the Loosely and Tightly card…..I am thinking take it loosely….yeah…relax…then take it tightly….yeah….strangle it…till it can’t breathe…..back and forth back and forth…loose and tight. And then I turned the card over……Loosely and Lightly.  Aaaaah.  Ok.  No strangling involved whatsoever….interesting concept.  I am having to rethink this whole thing now….soften my grip and relax.”

InterPlay Inspiration DeckPhil and I used the deck at the Oakland InterPlay Leaders Reunion. After partners did a dance-talk on a project or concern, each person picked a card. Each card has a principle on one side (e.g. side by side), a story with character, color and symbol to bring it to life on the back (see the Virtual Friday Morning InterPlay on Nov. 20th for the story of side by side). A tiny booklet shares what InterPlay says about the tool and gives 3 “try this” exercises to use in day-to-day life. The leaders reflected on projects or concerns from the point of view of the tool they picked: witnessing, easy focus, affirmation, etc. In the group each person shared their tool and how they might apply it. Leaders loved the cards. We sold 33 sets!

Will they work for non-InterPlayers? “Yes.” Anita says, “We have people using them in doctor’s offices, hair salons, with their families.” See examples on FACEBOOK or at or

For InterPlayers or InterPlay wannabes, how ’bout an InterPlay gift certificate? We’ll send the person of your choice a gift certificate in any amount for a Body Wisdom produced event, Untensive, Life Practice Program, Training, class or workshop, and we’ll include a green feather and a “You’re one in a million” button. Call us with their name, address, and your method of payment.

Of course, we have other cool stuff. People are sharing Dance: The Sacred Art: Discovering the Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice as a companion for anyone looking for a new way to pray, heal, or soulfully connect or to renew their passion.

You can order the Inspiration Deck, Dance: The Sacred Art, and other books and CDs from the InterPlay website.

The Wedding of Lives

September 14, 2009

Have you seen that great InterPlayful video with the guys and gals dancing down the aisle? As far as I know Jill and Kevin and their gang are NOT InterPlayers, but I think we should make them honorary ones! Anybody know them?

Cynthia and Stephen Winton-Henry

Thirty years ago, September 8th, 1979, Stephen and I danced right in the middle of an outdoor ceremony to a violin playing a tune from Fiddler on the Roof. Our “I do’s” were spoken under a willow tree. A homemade banner hung over the pool that said, “Together we jumped into a pool that wasn’t there until we jumped.”  Improv, here we come. Sure, sometimes it’s felt like we were in over our heads. Commitment, that never-ending dance of step-step-steppin’, has been hard, easy, rewarding and demanding. It turns out that hanging out with Stephen is one of the best things I do. He is good for me and to me.

Thirty years ago, Phil and I also began dancing together. Members of Body and Soul Dance Company, one of the first dances we shared, choreographed by Judith Rock, was called “Covenant.” Appropriate. Covenant is what you do when you choose to keep faith with a person or group. Covenant requires all of us. With unspoken promises from our hearts, our thirty years accumulated without a marriage. But anyone who has watched us dance remarks on the unique wedding of our lives. Covenanting and choosing to work together is not something we planned. It was gifted to us by each other and by some greater dream that asked us to create, serve, love, and inspire. Either that or we are just insanely obstinate.

This coming weekend InterPlayers Theron Shaw and Elizabeth Mendana start their marital journey. InterPlayers Randall Mullins and Sharon Pavelda will preside. Let’s wish them all the blessed anniversaries they can stand.

P.S. Did you dance during your wedding? Let me know about it. Want to know how InterPlay supports relationships? Share your story and I’ll spread the good news.
P.P.S. Happy Anniversary, Stephen and Phil.

InterPlay Dream

September 1, 2009

It’s happening in my dreams.

Last night I dreamt that waiting in line with others, a friend and I took a deep breath, let it out with a sigh and laughed. People nearby laughed too. Ease, relaxation, and connection were suddenly present. At another place a friend and I started laughing and shaking out our voices. Bubbles of life were released. Others joined in.

InterPlay’s spirit spread into social realities beyond the walls of InterPlay sessions.

InterPlay connections generate health. Pittsburg InterPlayer Rich Citrin says InterPlay gives us “stress resilience.” Complex, diverse human interactions challenge us. Stress is often unavoidable. Conscious practices are crucial. Identifying and choosing what brings us grace is a key. Simple, fun, at-the-ready practices change our world.

21st century lives require not only conscious individual practices, we need collective practices. This month’s entire ODE Magazine is dedicated to laughter. Laughing is a great group practice. So is shaking out our tension and breathing together. Of course, the most phenomenal practices for human health are dancing, singing, telling stories, affectionate contact, and hanging out: what I call the Five Recommended Daily Requirements. That’s why Phil and I are developing a body wisdom tool kit for work groups, service groups, and communities to practice healthy body wisdom together.

One of the secrets in my dream was being with a friend. Deep breaths and sighs didn’t feel forced. We do it all the time TOGETHER. The power of two or more is a mighty power.

Out in front of InterPlayce last Friday, Lauren and Lisa set up an art cart, inviting people to make a 5 x 7 drawing about HOME. Each Friday they’re on the street sharing art and building community. I showed them our studio. Lauren asked, “Are you living your dream?” I thought for a moment and said, “YES.” It’s with the support of a life time practice, friends, and divine guidance. But I have bigger dreams. I dream of healthy connections and meaningful lives for everyone.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To appreciate beauty; to give of one’s self, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived — that is to have succeeded.”

Coming up…

InterPlay Community Development Tool Kit Workshop

September 24 at InterPlayce in Oakland, CA.
To register call 510-465-2797.

November 12th in Portland, OR
at the Applied Improvisation Network Pre-conference.
To register go to the Applied Improv Network website

Many Hands, Light Work

August 12, 2009
Cynthia Winton-Henry hand-dancing with young girl

Cynthia Winton-Henry hand-dancing with young girl

Nika Quirk, the president of the national InterPlay Board of Directors, stood before us. She said, “I was raised in Pennsylvania Dutch country. I grew up hearing the saying, ‘Many hands make light work.'” Last weekend regional InterPlay leaders and national board members gathered in North Carolina. A powerful intention was materializing: to celebrate the 20th anniversary of InterPlay this fall, we began dreaming of 20 MORE!

We had just tested a new InterPlay Community Development Tool Kit workshop with overwhelmingly positive response. We also heard how InterPlay was transforming our own lives and the lives of others through dozens of organizations in the US and other parts of the world with folks of many cultures and generations. InterPlay’s simple tools are unlocking body wisdom and increasing connections, two vital needs in a time when innovation and cooperation are urgent.

The entire world is connected. The question is, “How can these connections flourish and be as productive, energized, and joyously sustainable as possible?” InterPlay has many ideas.

The phrase “light work” can be taken a couple of ways. Many hands may also make “lightwork.” The InterPlay logo we adopted last year is a hand with a spiral springing from a heart, an ancient universal symbol for humanity’s power to make things, heal, bless, and greet one another. Hand-to-hand and heart-to-heart actions teach us the power of being light-hearted, how to release and alleviate burdens, and provide collective muscles and bones for common dreams.

In impossible times, the wisdom of “many hands make light work” is even more valuable. InterPlay is a dream whose time has come.

We’ll be sharing the dreams of the InterPlay community and how we can collectively give them wings in the next few weeks. Stay tuned. MORE is to come and as always in InterPlay…MORE will be revealed.

It’s a Seed Year

July 29, 2009

It’s a Seed Year…
Some of you know that I tune in to the wisdom of the Mayan Calendar. This calendar is one of the world’s most sophisticated lunar calendars. It goes beyond linear time to include the mytho-poetic relationship to days, seasons and years. Representatives in the US have been syncing the calendar with the Gregorian calendar. This makes it easier to track time with it.

I learned about this calendar from an InterPlayer (who else?) and found it wonderful to think of days as things like Sun, Storm, Dog, Serpent and Skywalker Days. Plus, I discovered that one’s birthday symbols say a lot about what one is here to do in the world. I was born on an 8 eagle day.  Want to know more?

Here is why I like to play with this calendar.
It is rooted in the lunar cycles. LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE MOON!
It plays with cycles, waves, and spirals of time. LET’S HEAR IT FOR SPIRALS! (See InterPlay logo)
It is body based. It correlates anatomy, planetary anatomy, and galactic bodies. LET’S HEAR IT FOR BODIES!
It includes more than chronos time. The multidimensional fullness of time is part of each day and year. LET’S HEAR IT FOR HAVING  A GOOD TIME!

What I really love is that the Mayan Calendar suggests that synching up is a great thing to do. To synchronize from syn (together) and chronos (time). What if time were a place of synchronicity?

The serendipities and synchronicity of InterPlaying are even more deeply enhanced as I give a little easy focus to this calendar.

So here’s the deal. Last Sunday was the start of a new year in the Mayan Calendar. Last year was a Storm Year- lots of catalytic change! This year is a 4 Seed Year- all about self-existing forms and what they can grow. This year is a time for honoring the deepest blueprints, seeds, for life on earth. I just love that InterPlay is a seed system, a cache of forms for playing deep and wide.

As Dorothy Finnegan and Cassandra Sagan say, “May the Forms Be With You!”

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