How big these hearts

December 13, 2010

We have big hearts. Big enough to reach around the world. So big we rarely give up on love. So big that sometimes sky and earth are not big enough.

Kate Amoss turned me onto The Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit by Joseph Chilton Pearce. This 85 year-old elder shines light on neurocardiology and foresees a new brain that will make us more heart intelligent. The heart is smart- we have brain cells in our hearts! AND, Chilton Pearce hallmarks play as key to this evolutionary path.

Celebrating on the beachIn the center of the spiral is the heart. Our heart is in our hand. Hands speak for the heart.

Connections between us transcend theory. We engage electromagnetic currents that we sense most easily in the three feet of space around our body. But our hearts bridge greater distance, time, even life itself. Something about InterPlay enables us to open our heart a little more and consent to play. Is this why InterPlay is an international movement? Because love is happening, and if not love, some weird, delightful electromagnetic affection?

Evidence of hearts at work in the coming month include:
Masankho Banda, InterPlay ambassador, reunites with Shiphiwe, his love from 23 years ago in Malawi at Christmas.
The heart of Nika Quirk, InterPlay board president, travels to the UK to lead with support from Caroline Kiesel (Minnesota) and friends in the British Isles.
InterPlay India’s heart called Harriet Platts (Seattle), Sally Craig (DC), George Muedeking (Albuquerque), Peter and Jenny Batten (Melbourne), Trish Watts, (Sydney) Tony Hole (Adelaide) and Stephen and Cynthia (Oakland), to join Prashant Olalekar, Hazel Fernandez, and Jaime and Ligia in Mumbai, S. Gudjarat, Delhi, and Varanasi. Trish has been there six weeks coaching and playing with India leaders.
Phil and CathyAnn Beaty travel to Australia to deepen those reciprocal connections formed over twenty years.
Nadia Thalji from Brazil travels to the US for training. Her heart moved the first time she InterPlayed. This blend of creativity, community, and wisdom is her path.

I’ve barely started. It’s best not to think too much about zillions of connections and the wild ways of the heart. We can count some, but the truth is—-they workFingers in front of clouds by math we cannot calculate. In fact, someone discovered there are 50 trillion cells in the average human body. Multiply that by 6 billion people on Earth and you get about 300 sextillion cells which is also the number of stars believed to be in the universe. Unfathomable, but not to the heart.

If I have to be “Out of Control” it may as well be fun! “InterPlay’s Expressive Arts Approach for Health and Healing”

July 19, 2010
Alice Springs, Australia: InterPlay in muddy waters.

Alice Springs, Australia: InterPlay in muddy waters.

If I have to be “Out of Control” it may as well be fun!

Can I get a nod of recognition on that? It’s from CathyAnn Beaty’s recent blog.

I’m a “Kindly, let me please control the world and make it a perfect place” freak. Why do you think I fell in love with improvisation and gave my life to it? I need a control escape hatch. What a relief to know that things work out and that when they don’t it’s somehow….OK.

CathyAnn, founding InterPlay leader from Minnesota has navigated life’s most demanding currents. How? Staying connected to Creation. She reflects,

Why DO I create?

I can’t help myself
it is fun
it is exciting
it gives me pleasure
it gives me satisfaction
it gives me a sense of being active in my own life
because I can
it gives me insight
it gives me new ideas
it keeps my brain and body active
it keeps me engaged with the world
it aids in time of change
it keeps me positive
it energizes me
it helps me to see the world in new and different ways
it companions me
it teaches me about myself
it teaches me about others
it keeps me in the present
I can give it away
it enhances communication
it gives me a sense of power in my life
it heals
it inspires me to create more

And what is all this stuff that I can’t stop creating. Dances, stories, songs, miniature books with  my littlest girlfriend Taylor( 5), collages, visual art, environments for therapists and spiritual leaders and other healers to create in, a beautiful home… the list goes on.

Having a container to create in seems to be the ticket. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, can find structure and freedom together again at last and create (play) with just about anything in the easy to do forms and principles of InterPlay. InterPlay provides me with a fun and innovative approach to being a creative force in my own life, and it helps me hold lightly the reality that I just can’t help myself when it comes to creating!

InterPlay offers an Expressive Arts Type of Approach for Health and Healing. CathyAnn will lead InterPlay for Therapists in Lafayette, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs, Colorado in September, share InterPlay with mental health specialists and clients in India, teach InterPlay for performance with InterPlay Australia cofounder, Trish Watts, October 15-17, and trains therapists and healers around the US to use InterPlay tools in self care, supervision, and work with clients. Contact to learn about how to develop an InterPlay practice group for therapists, spiritual directors, or clergy in your area.

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