Witness the Next Gen Arise!

Arts and Social Change 2010 Grads

I am taking every bit of juicy InterPlay as a birthday present to me! Yes, I am another year older. And no I am not in my twenties, thirties or forties! But the next amazing group of artist-activist-life enthusiasts who have applied is! Prepare for the 2011 July Arts and Social Change Training

This year 15 dancers, media artists, theater artists, musicians, activists, writers, chaplains, expressive artists, and community organizers have applied. Two from India. Two from Australia. Others connecting with InterPlay in Seattle, Indiana, Kansas City, Pennsylvania, Raleigh North Carolina, and California.

I can’t wait to meet people like Rehana who said,

My interest in community education grew and took me to work as a cocreator/facilitator of youth lead community learning spaces in the informal settlements of Nairobi and in social neighbourhoods in Toronto. Regardless of the issue at hand – be it sexual and reproductive health with adolescent girls in Nairobi, or water conservation and quality with youth in Toronto, I always managed to incorporate theatre and dance as forms of expression, to apply theory to practice, to observe ourselves, to co-vision, build community, transform conflict and to re- imagine our realities. And although I managed to incorporate these elements of art into my work, I was often left yearning for more theatre, more dance, more movement needs which my positions within structures could not always satisfy.

Or Stephanie from Sydney who wrote with typical Aussie humor

I was 5 years old and the school implemented a program called “electives” which was a few hours one afternoon a week where we could choose a class and participate in an all age ‘interest group’… I chose percussion, and I was quite excited. During the first session I was no doubt thumping some maraccas with great gusto when the group was interrupted by a teacher who told me as we left the room that I would now be in the singing group. I was disappointed, until I learned that I’d been selected to star in the school musical as the baby elephant who asks too many questions… “stop asking questions, you ask to many questions, you’re always asking questions all day long” is the chorus that the other animals in the cast sang to me. I loved it! I still love to perform and, do I ask too many questions? Well, that’s a matter of opinion I guess!

How thrilling this last year to follow through with 2010 Next Genners Agnotti (now organizing Masankho’s Chicago Cultures of Peace in November), Sally (interning with us at InterPlayce next year supported by Mennonite Voluntary Service) Joy Anna (organizer for Masankho’s May trip to Asheville) and Olivia with whom I’m scheming to put art on the front of InterPlayce! (Talk to me if you think this is the coolest idea!) The others are up to much magic, too!

When wonderful people connect to wonderful people in wondrous ways, what in the future is possible? Help us find out!

One Response to Witness the Next Gen Arise!

  1. Dorothy says:

    Art on the front of InterPlayce! If I was in town, I’d be all about it! Sounds like a blast – and a great gift to the neighborhood! So great to hear about what some of last year’s Next Genners are up to.

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