8 secret powers useful when change is afoot (no pun intended)

Phil Porter, Cynthia Winton-Henry photo: Carly Rosin

Somewhere in the midst of improvising with body and soul, listening to life, and honing 26 core InterPlay practices Phil Porter performed 8 of our key tools as a set. We were in North Carolina at the beach. He got up in front of thirty folks and the 8 tools flew out in a fun, powerful, body intellectual lecture in Phil’s inimitable style! Today, wherever people lead the life practice program these 8 tools form the foundation, the bones of InterPlay. When change is afoot they help us navigate.

Noticing any changes in the world?

The 8 tools are part of a larger set of 26 core elements. When people think of InterPlay they often reference forms like sighing, shaking, Babbling, Hand-to-Hand Contact, the Warm-up, Walking, Stopping & Running, One-Hand Dances, Toning, and one breath songs. Yet, it’s the 8 tools that are the backbone organizing our beautiful, brainy beings to be able to amplify and enjoy embodied thought, movement, breath, voice, speech and connection. What are they?


1) Easy Focus or… how to lighten a stifling, serious look on life.

2) Body Data, Body Knowledge, Body Wisdom or how to catch  on to what’s right under your nose.

3) Internal/External Authority or how to honor your knowing even when you can’t articulate it.

4) The Physicality of Grace, or how to become a grace operative, amplifying what brings healthy energy in a crazy world.

5) Exformation, or how to find and let loose the wisdom inside you in creative, easy, and mind-blowing ways.

6) Incrementality or how to be an overnight success by being in your body, taking a step at a time, and celebrating more.

7) Body Wisdom Practices (aka Spiritual Disciplines), or how to use fun, ingenious practices to have more of what you want.

8) Affirmation. Affirmation. Affirmation or, how affirming others makes a world of difference.

On the printed page these 8 tools are just words. It’s when you actually play with them on a body level that they make sense. Would you be shocked that this is the stuff that 1000 graduates have found encouraging, helpful, and life changing?! Nothing replaces doing InterPlay and joining the real web for which your body was designed.

If you are curious to know more about the 8 tools, leave a comment and we’ll send you a free pdf of Phil’s book, Having It All: Body Mind Heart and Spirit Together Again At Last.

Readers say: “Master-teachers Porter and Winton-Henry have discovered a new way of “being” in the world. This book is foundational in an understanding of the philosophy which they both teach and live. I recommend it to anyone seeking greater integration and wholeness in their lives.”

“Phil outlines exactly what it takes to “heal the split” between body, mind and spirit. I have followed these suggestions, and they really work. For those of you who are looking for ways to improve and/or heal your connection with yourself and others, this is truly a winning way to go.”

Or, better yet, get thee to a Life Practice Program, now in its 17th year. If you did it ages ago, come again. Long time InterPlayers revel in the new developments and the price break. In the next few months the Secrets of InterPlay and the Life Practice Program will come to MN, Kansas, the UK in May, and to Oakland for Next Gen Leaders 18-30. The secrets are out! Come play. Change is afoot.

17 Responses to 8 secret powers useful when change is afoot (no pun intended)

  1. Mary Muir says:

    Looks like great info in the 8 areas love to see the PDF

  2. Jessica Roeder says:

    I’m realizing it’s hard to get anywhere without letting my body have its say. And dancing there is much more fun.

    I’d like to see that PDF, too. Thanks!

  3. meri walker says:

    Love this photo of the two of you!! And I’m interested to read more about the 8 tools, too…

  4. Your mission and vision speak directly to my heart! I am presently completing a degree in behavioral science and plan to obtain a master’s in a related field with a concentration in somatics. I say all this to really say, I am a strong believer of the mind-body-spirit connection and think InterPlay ties into each of these. I would love to read more about the 8 Tools and eventually attend an InterPlay event/training! Thank you for all you do and for your continued emails. – In movement…

  5. yes to the body, playful embodiment
    yes to affirming what is
    yes to yes

  6. sounds right up my alley — I’ve practiced the 5Rhythms for 30 years for the very same reasons!

  7. stepping into change while putting my best foot forward..how long can I keep putting my foot in my mouth?
    a longtime! 🙂
    tools tell
    tools rule

  8. debra griffith says:

    Planning to start a small dance/play group here in Ecuador. Would love to see the pdf. thanks

  9. Adam Blatner says:

    Hello Cynthia, I’d love that pdf also, and will send an email. Warmly, Adam@blatner.com

  10. Laurel Simon says:

    Wish you were in Indianapolis! Yes, I’d love to see the PDF.

  11. Sara Hodge says:

    Hi there, I took an untensive a few years ago in Nashville. I wanted to follow up with the Life Practice Program but there wasn’t one happening within driving distance at that time. I just got back from two years in Ecuador, working in a bi-lingual school there. I am starting all over in every part of my life except my kids, my Mom and my friends and spiritual communities. I am dedicated to the life giving conversation that goes on between body, mind and spirit, earth and the Divine, individually and in community. I will be jumping into some of the Inter-play that is happening in Atlanta. soon. All that said, please send me the pdf! Thanks.

  12. Hi Phil and Cynthia, I was right this moment struck by a realisation of how some of the body wisdom tools help us to understand complexity (as in the complexity of living systems described by complexity theory) and rushed to the laptop to write it down. When looking for a cut and paste version of the tools to annotate in my little document I came across these, which are explained slightly differently to how they were explained in my life practice program manual. I’d love to see more in the PDF you speak of!

  13. I think too much and only have begun to feel more of the physically felt. I am finding your writings link somatics with spirit and daily living much better than any authors(too many) I have read.

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