Valentine Image from Janie Oakes




I can’t help it! It’s Valentines Day. I am raising hand and heart to all of you.
Treat yourself to this inspiring Valentine from Wing It! musician Suzanne Cimone. Love is Everywhere! (See Theron and Elizabeth Wedding Dance!)

InterPlay is being offered in new communities and agencies thanks to you. We just received a 25,000 Alameda County Innovations in Mental Health grant to share InterPlay with Oakland’s Homeless Seniors. Woo hoo!

All it takes is ONE HAND, ONE BREATH, ONE WORD, ONE BODYSPIRIT AT A TIME who is willing to play from the heart.
ONE HAND! today means more. It seems our logo connects to A Greater Hand.

Anne Alexander, University of Cambridge reported, “During the big “Day of Departure” protest in Tahrir Square last Friday, Coptic Christian protesters made a human chain around their Muslim brothers and sisters as they performed the noon prayers.

Two days later, “Martyrs’ Sunday” was celebrated by Egyptians of both religions as an affirmation of national unity in struggle. On that day, a crowd had gathered in front of a sound system by the Mogamma government building on the eastern side of the square.

A man in a jacket began to speak as chanting died away. “He was someone from the church, a priest,” someone in the crowd told me.

I was told: “We are all in this together. Muslims and Christians.” Other people were listening and nodding. “One hand, one hand,” the crowd roared. This time they were not talking about the people and the army, as they had a few days earlier, but about Egyptian unity. Muslims and Christians: One hand.”
One Hand!

Please check the website for the upcoming Leaders Gathering, InterPlay in the UK, the Next Gen Arts and Social Change July Intensive, and events near you!

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