Mission to Earth! Subvert the Deadly Play Taboo

Hazel from Mumbai, InterPlay leader extraordinaire

The Huffington Post surveys the American play taboo in The Key to Happiness: A Taboo for Adults? From my travels, I worry that the taboo extends beyond the U.S. People all over forget to play. On the bright side, Crazy people all over the world are signing up for some InterPlay.

“The whole culture is suffering from overconscious intentionality, overseriousness, overemphasis on productivity and work. We’ve forgotten that the whole picture requires a dance between leisure and work,” says psychologist and cultural explorer, Bradford Keeney.

Yikes. Read the article. Be glad and be proud if you play and encourage others to do so.
Play is the ground of spirituality, compassion, love and health.
Speak up for play and mention InterPlay tools.

The article’s author, Joe Robinson, says, “There is no quicker transport to the experiential realm and full engagement than through play, which brings together all the elements you want for the optimal moment.
Play is 100-percent experience.
It’s done for the intrinsic pleasure, for the participation.
With no judgment or outcomes needed, play grounds you in the now.”
InterPlay rocks because it invites spontaneity through small exercises that build confidence while genuinely affirming this whole crazy human affair. Participants can even forget that play is purposeless. Why? They feel better, find playmates, and get valuable insights. Play is sneaky deep!

Come out of the closet! Undo the taboo in your oooo and wahoo. Put the play back in life! Your soul will thank you.

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