Stars, Solstice, Synchronicity

It’s almost December 21st, the Solstice, a full moon, and a total lunar eclipse. Remember that Dec 21 is the longest summer day in places like Australia.

Speaking of our synchronous universe, did you know that scientists recently figured out that the average human body has 50 trillion or so cells. Multiply that by the 6 billion people on Earth and we share 300 sextillion cells. This is apparently the number of stars in the universe.

There are also many unseen stars in the InterPlay universe.

Did you know that  Ginny Going (Raleigh) keeps track of the Teacher Training Program?
GinnyDear InterPlay companions,

As we mark the darkest day of the year and yet the turning of our planet toward the coming of more light, may the gifts of play and the amazing community of InterPlayers around the globe light your way into a new year filled with hope, joy and love.


Harriet Platts, hospice chaplain (Seattle) organized several US events this year.

HarrietHenry has a missing finger on his left hand…actually, the finger is
wrapped and kept in a box on the mantle for safe keeping (a little
bizarre). During my last visit with him on Monday, I raised my hand
to offer him a blessing, “May the Lord bless you and keep you…;” He
raised his hand and pressed his palm against mine. “May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.” Blessing
backatcha…he gifted.

To all of you-Hand raised in blessings, both coming and going!

Marcus Liefert (Berkekley) put Monday and Friday Emails online and played with Wing It!


May we feel the dance in every moment. The dance of fingers on the keyboard, the dance of light and dark, the dance of families, friends, feelings, the dance of all us 300 sextillion cells, the dance of the sun and earth and moon…Peace and blessings to all bodies in this dance!


And woo-hoo for Nika Quirk, volunteer of the year and Body Wisdom board president! Thanks a million!

So many connections among us. InterPlay moves with attention to details and people. Thanks to all who ad-ministered the art of play in 2010! You made our part of the synchronous universe more possible!


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