When All Else Fails

It’s been a tough autumn. Talking with others, the challenges seem epidemic. It could be the U.S. economy. Could be a lot of stuff. Whatever it is, it’s caused me to slow way down; increase contact with supportive people and ramp up my self-care. I’ll tell you a secret. I require a lot of support, (maybe it’s not a secret). The downside to being “in a body” is that sometimes we feel too much!  I was glad when a therapist friend said “co-regulation” is how bodies regain balance. We each need a certain amount of body-to-body accompaniment with friends and helpers to keep our emotional balance. This is never truer than in tough times. When all else fails, get with someone, even if you don’t think you want to.

With the world and a life undergoing shifts that I can’t articulate, what a gift to have people who can be “with” me. With-ness is central to the art of “InterPlay, encouraging relational consistency, solidarity, creativity and portals though which we sense a sustaining Source.

Consistent means, “to stand with,” persist in patterns of practice and presence to increase a chance of security.

Solidarity grows courage, coming alongside each other to humbly share the ground of connection.

Creativity brings choice into play, choosing my actions even if I feel lousy. I choose making art and bringing care to tilt the world toward beauty.

Even so, vulnerability is inescapable and frightening. There is a hope that if I turn right into it, choose mystery even when it looks a lot like death, turn toward Big Love that I will apprehend my life, my next step, and myself. This process is demanding. Even so I am rewarded. A deep unspeakable thing is born from it. I can’t tell you what it is but perhaps you’ll see it when I dance. Until then, I look forward to being WITH you,



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