InterPlay: Recognized as a top modality for conscious dance

Since the 1970’s certain dancers have taken on a form of “spiritual leadership.” These pioneers uncovered lost body wisdom hidden in forms of free and creative dance. In dance, music, and drum they found ways to heal splits between body, mind and soul, strengthen individuals and communities, restore balance in every sector of human behavior and do so as artists, entrepreneurs and community organizers. Their followers are equally inspired and growing in number. With practices that have gelled into systems they can be shared in many locations giving rise to a verile, social movement. One magazine shines a light on it, “Conscious Dancer.”

In it’s September 2010 issue, Conscious Dancer Magazine features InterPlay among the top ten of 100 modalities along with NIA, 5 Rhythms, Zumba, Jazzercise, Biodanza, Tamalpa Arts, Continuum, Take Tina, and JourneyDance. We are honored.

Read the article (download here) and celebrate all that has gone in to bringing these modalities into view as resources for healing and a new enlightenment in the twenty first century. If you are an InterPlayer share our pride in being part of something both ancient and fresh that is serving many populations.

For as the Hopi elders say…
“The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones that we have been waiting for.”

– The Elders, Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation

If you know that InterPlay plays a key role in this era, your support has never been more needed. Participate in the Million connections campaign to help Body Wisdom, Inc. continue to be a leader in building health, insight, and connection in the US and with our partners around the world.


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