My 3 “Must-Have’s” for Emergencies

Photo by Carly Rosen

Fact: Emergencies happen- personal, familial, global.

Fact: Bodies get frightened when threatened. (especially at night in the dark).

PERSONAL FACT: I use 3 things to turn an emergency into EMERGENT-EASE.

1) A consistent village that honors and supports body and soul.

2) A higher power to take some of the load off of me.

3) Regular practices that help me stay balanced, discern, exform, take steps, and stay connected to my village and highest good.

InterPlay is a practice that  gives me all three. Every week I get to be with a whole team of people who creatively use InterPlay’s 8 body wisdom tools. To read about these ideas right now check out Having It All just click.

easy focus

body knowledge

inner authority

the phsyciality of grace




and affirmation

These are among 26 experiential tools that InterPlayers in Australia, India, Brazil, Europe, and the US use.

In my weekly groups I bathe in healthy body wisdom strategies for living in the moment as a creator (not victim).

I dance, breathe, sing, rest, let my bodyspirit speak, often laugh, and get to witness others. I find experience, strength, and hope so that when I hit a rough patch like airplaine engine failure, economic contraction, family illness, grief and loss, and longer term: global warming—zI know how to move, be, and deal lovingly with fear and anxiety. I am well cared for.

All this helps me to make a difference directly and indirectly in my work, family, community, and world. Listening to the wisdom of the body, knowing how to improvise in the moment, when to rest, how to stay honest and humble, ways to dream and create, and where to get support are NOT things that all institutions and leaders teach. And they are EXACTLY what I need to EMERGE with more EASE from day to day.



Get into practice with InterPlayers near you.

Read more about InterPlay tools

Create InterPlayful villages with others.

Join a Tour celebrating connections!


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