What is body wisdom?

“Our biography is in our biology. Whatever goes in has to come out. If it doesn’t it gets stuck. Who wants that?”  Trish Watts.

Everything you experience is an aspect of your physicality. Yes, even spirit.

Are you aware of sensations, thoughts, memory, energy, emotion, tension, space, pulls, drives, tastes, imaginal states?

Are you aware of the little bits and overall gestalt of your experience?

Are you aware of the effect of other bodies, fields of energy, and places on you?

Wow. So much!

Though it seems like a lot. We can be aware of fleeting bits and pieces of experience.

In InterPlay we call this body data. I am focused, warm, and searching.

We can also notice familiar patterns: what kind of music, food, color, activity, etc. we like.

We call this our body knowledge. I enjoy reflecting and communicating.

We can notice what is good and desirable for others and us and create more of it.

We call this body wisdom. I am energized and am choosing to do this instead of other projects.

Body Wisdom is at the base of humanity’s move towards connection, growth, life and security. In the past some humans thought we might get beyond our physical nature. Now, brain science shows that physicality is basic. If we find ways to develop as whole persons in holistic communities we may have a greater chance to not only be wise, creative, and deeply connected, we may subvert disasters. We can listen to our body wisdom!

Enjoy this interview of how Trish Watts discovered that the body is wise.

The wisdom of the body is best discovered in community practice. Singing, dancing, story, and stillness give rise to creative states that amplify our wisdom. If your body is affirmed by others and welcomed, you can notice it and choose the wisdom and joy that is yours.

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