Myth: Practice Makes Perfect

Myth: Practice makes perfect
Fact: Practice perfects

There is a lovely saying in India. Wisdom is not something you acquire, it is something you become.

People pay big bucks for tools, books, and ideas, but real power occurs in taking direct action. Then again, maybe I don’t want that much power. Power is most easily held in a community body, especially a loving one. For this reason it is good to PRATICE the kind of actions I want to take.

Could the greatest challenge of our day be as down and dirty as simple, direct, embodied and communal PRACTICE. Practice is what allows me to build on and maintain the life I want, not a perfect life, but life perfected by creative attention to synchronicity, joy, beauty, and care.

Conscious practioners, those improvisational creatures, are Life Artists who perfect skillfulness through hands-on rituals peppered by clumsy but steady adjustment. And isn’t it a thrill to watch the boost given by embodied, creative practice and the breath taking answers coming at us from unexpected corners?

I once jotted down a quote that called practice the most advanced form of theory. Kind of zen. Yet, action-research, the improvisational lab, experientially births theories and leads us to inspiration, joy, peace, and new ways of being.

During my recent visit with InterPlay leaders in Australia, I witnessed a community that is uncannily parallel to those in America and India. These leaders are doing noteworthy work in medicine, schools, business, religion, and the arts. Many attribute their leadership and risk taking to support and wisdom gained in their InterPlay practice. As time goes by InterPlay leaders get bolder. Trish Watts, cofounder of InterPlay Australia claims “the bedrock of play.” Like any good mystic she manifests beauty and security by co-conspiring with the forces of life, imagined and unimagined as she takes off to teach in the US, Vienna, and India over the next four month. Her cofounder, Rod Pattenden, called a “Holy Devil” by the Sydney News, chairs Australia’s Blake Prize, a controversial, revered prize in religion and the arts.

What shall we practice? What do we want more of? For change to happen you need three things: the right tools, an affirming community, regular PRACTICE. The sooner you get these things in place the sooner your ducks, planets, or parade of elephants will line up behind you.

I love that InterPlay turned out to be a tool set, a set of ideas, and a community, but even more it is a practice for spirited people who have a creative bent or who want one. Opportunities to practice InterPlay abound. Simple, direct, embodied, community based— Powerful. Imagine, a creative life that you don’t have to live alone! Perfect!

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