“Hail space for the uncontained God.” Agathisos

In Dance: The Sacred Art I wrote in response to Agathisos “Hail space for the uncontained God! You are that space! Open space is wonderful but not crucial. The space within you is what matters most. This means it is quite possible to dance in a prison cell, in your bathroom, or in your backyard. Or you could find a spot under a great tree. Natural surroundings are a great place to dance, but so is your living room.

Sheila Collins at InterPlayce

Those who enter the InterPlay studio see that movement happens in this place. They sense that the body is welcome. Even those who are timid are enticed, and children immediately sense a freedom to run and slide across the floor. Making space for breath and movement is a powerful affirmation of life.

Widen your arms out into the air around you. How much space do you take up? How much space do you need? Can you sense your energy expanding beyond your fingertips?

We are sacred space. It is a privilege to affirm this in people at InterPlayce, our center in Oakland. Allysson MacDonald came into the studio tired, needing space, and was suddenly taken with gratitude. She wrote

My sacred space is InterPlayce.

Pine wood floor sprung to give when I leap or fall.

On it I lie, open — arms akimbo, life laid bare.

The walls here- no stony arches, but concrete and brick

— hard and rough like my own life.

No cathedral ceiling-but track lighting and industrialized heating

and windows: the sky comes through sometimes cloudy grey, sometimes bright

I breathe it in and know that its Okay!

It’s Okay!

Sunny patches on the floor warm the soles of my feet

and do my soul some good.

Here I say who I really am, laugh, cry, learn who I am and why,

connect with  others, witness their humanity (and they mine) and it’s Okay.

This is my sacred space.

If you are looking for a surprisingly sacred space, YOU, consider joining in one of the Secrets of InterPlay workshops coming up in Seattle, Raleigh, or Washington DC. Or, check out Dance: A Sacred Art for support and encouragement about dancing where you are.


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