World InterPlay? Big Play=Small World


Next Gen InterPlay leaders came from India, Australia, Europe, Rwanda and around the US. to be a bright white light of joy and a tight knit elegant ensemble. See photos on my facebook page or visit their blog. Ghislaine from Rwanda calls it World InterPlay. Want to know how small the world is? Add Sheila Wang, our new intern from China.

An InterPlay friend asked Phil to lead a UC Berkeley student gathering. Soon after, the Center for Campus Life and Leadership contacted us about hosting a W.T. Chan Fellow from Guangzhou, China. We said yes and connected with Sheila Wang only to discover that her reference in China is a former classmate of Dorothy Finnigan. Dorothy is on our board. SMALL WORLD!?!

The W.T. Chan fellows, six passionate women, get homestays and funding for a six month internship, 32 hours a week, to learn about U.S. non-profit practices that will help empower them to create organizations back home. Each week they meet together with a supervisor to reflect on their learning.

Sheila started off in the InterPlay deep end, week two of the Next Gen Arts and Social Action Leader Training. She’ll get the T-shirt that says, “I played and I survived!” She did marvelously. In her words,

“Though I have participated in some applied theater in my home country, honestly I didn’t know much about InterPlay before but I have perceptually gained a general idea of InterPlay. Last week I was not an employee, but a participant, taking part in their ‘NextGen Leaders Program’, with 12 women from around the world. We were on our way to discover the wisdom inside our body as well as the secret of InterPlay. In the first day I was awkward or even clumsy but soon became more natural. I found that I could relieve my tightened nerve as well as the violent emotion through my spontaneous acting responding to music. Also, I started to bring awareness to my energy input and output and my ego existence by different forms of movement. So did other participants. We were acting, shaping individually or mutually, not for any specific purpose and reason, but for desire. The basic idea of Interplay, based on what I have known so far, is to aware your mental condition by your physical movement and interaction and to heal yourself or people around by improvisational creation and energy convection. In the following days, I hope I can go deep a little bit about fundraising issue and daily operation of NGO. I am feeling so comfortable to be with you for six months. Hope that I can contribute.”

So off we go on another adventure. The world comes to us. We go to the world. World InterPlay indeed. Come play in (website links):

September and January in Australia

September in Holland and Brazil

January for the InterPlay India Pilgrimage (five are already signed up)

and then there are rumors of InterPlay in Laos, Malawi, and London


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