Pets Who InterPlay

Animals do it! Yes, critters in and around us do InterPlay! Welcome to the Pet Playground. Here’s a Youtube that makes me want to hug a monkey!

Ever hear InterPlayer Don Portwood imitate a dolphin? a goose? better yet, a chicken learning to play banjo? Here’s your chance. Sage Lewis’ Pet Playground radio show features seven Minnesota InterPlay guests introducing InterPlay to a radio community while having too much fun! Stream live online (use 55117 zipcode if not in MN) or download the podcast.

Listen in instead of watching TV tonight or getting a movie. The barks and moos alone will lift your spirit and you’ll feel like you’ve been to one of those crazy InterPlay playgroups. Hear Sage’s tale of InterPlay and how she found true love. Listen to big hearted Jim Shattauer share how walk stop and run helped his dog,”Sophia.” Becky Myrick describes how the four movement patterns show up in animals and us. Hear about Barbra Weiner’s Oscar Meyer wiener dog, Booska the doberman, a fox terrier named JJ, and Becky’s velcro cat. Get your inner animal memories going with “I could tell you about” stories. Learn how InterPlay helps folk “come out of their shells,” use funny walks to find a mate, and make world wide friends using an InterPlayful approach to creating communities that allow us peeps and pets be the playful, emotive, odd critters we are.

My dog Christopher wants to thank a ruff ruff to Sage, Heather, Don, Moo, James, Becky, Barbra, and Catharine.

Dog with ball

Curious about InterPlayer Sage Lewis? Check out this Creature Teacher, Author of JAVA: The True Story of a Shelter Dog Who Rescued a Woman , Hostess of The Pet Playground, Certified Life Coach, Animal Trainer, Pet Whisperer, Healer, Fun Person at or



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