Phil Does Math!


While Cynthia is in Asheville and Raleigh, NC, I thought I would sneak in and do some math with y’all.

Surely you know by now that we are in the first year of the Million Connections Campaign, yes?

Our goal is to count up the various ways–both small and large–that InterPlay is being shared in the world. So many people are spreading InterPlay around in such interesting ways. We knew this was happening, but didn’t realize how much it was happening, until we did a couple of informal tallies.

That is why we are inviting InterPlayers to count their connections–to pay attention to when and where they are using InterPlay directly or indirectly–and then to log those connections on the website. We hope by the end of 2012 to be over a million, and we are well on our way.

Between September 30, 2009, when the counting officially began and today:
· InterPlayers have logged in 116,012 connections
· 123 different people have logged in
· there are 741 logged entries
· a whole group of people have logged in more than 10 entries (Krista Harris holds the current record at 68!)

And folks are telling us their stories: Dorothy Finnigan used InterPlay at St. Mary’s Center, Annie Goglia used it at a laughter yoga workshop, Allysson McDonald used it with 1st graders, Stan Stewart used it with his co-workers, Harriet Platts used it with a hospice team, Kate Arms-Roberts uses it with her young triplets, Laurie Rudel used it at church, Krista Harris used it with families with disabled children….

Read the stories–over 50 of them!

Each time InterPlay is used, we believe there is a little more ease in the world. Want to help us spread that around?

Are you already doing it but haven’t shared your numbers and stories?

Now is a perfect time to log them in!

Join the Million Connections fun!


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