I am a Traveler

InterPlayers in India

I am a Traveler. Call me way out there, whatever. I not only travel on planes, but with my amazing human abilities, I “connect” through time, space and over long distances in my physical body. Reaching out to friends around the world, I sense relationship on a physical level. My body kinesthetically “moves” into relation with InterPlayers in India and Australia like a magical tele-motor-conductor. You too?

The bad news? Travel can make me scattered, spacey, till I’m downright outta body. That’s one reason I love InterPlay as a life practice. Again and again it brings me back to this chair, this room, this breath, this little place. If I dance, sing, or create with someone else in the room, I know how good it is to be at home where I am. This chair, dance, breath is ENOUGH! I don’t have to be all over the place, in everybody’s business. Wheeee. Gratefully, I’ve learned that I can move easily between travel and homecoming throughout the day. What a wonderful body. I’m rarely stuck.

And hey, like Michelle Shocked, “I’ve come a long way.”

The web allows similar physical play. Online travelers now meet, greet and conspire (breath with) one another in embodied forms. Nika Quirk has her Powered by InterPlay “Wheeeee, we’re Alive” Monday Morning calls. And, Meri Walker, the Madhatter of Virtual Meetings herself is coaching me and others in the Madhatter’s Tea Party 6-Week Virtual Meeting Camp. Wanna play? It’s APRIL 19-May 24th Monday Pacific Time 3:30-4:30. Meet Meri. The cost is $89.  It’s for anyone who enjoys goofy learning environments involving a tea party and funny hats. What if we could play and achieve our goals without having to drive and fly around all the time? Email for more info: cynthia@interplay.org

Other travel…

Conscious Dancer magazine would love your input for the “Summer Travel” issue. Where have you been and where are you going? What do you dream about? Let our readers know by taking our quick and easy summer travel survey. Thanks!

Minnesotan InterPlayer Sage Lewis, author of JAVA: The True Story of a Shelter Dog Who Rescued a Woman hosts The Pet Playground radio show. Wednesday, April 7 from 1-2pm Central. Six MN InterPlayers will share music, dolphin noises, stories. Call in stories, babble or blurt about animals @ 952-946-6205 or listen to archives of the show at www.DancingPorcupine.com or live at www.am950ktnf.com/listen. Show airs May 2, 6pm Central.

Read about InterPlayer’s Marcia McFee and Karen Foster’s new book, “Spiritual Adventures in the Snow,” about preparing for Holy Week and Passover in USA Today.

Sheila Collins and I are among 60 women launching “Imagine a Woman.” Imagine a Woman International and celebrating the “Imagine a Woman” poem’s 15th Birthday Party at www.imagineAwoman.com. Get your party clothes on, invite your friends, and come on over.


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