Interfaithfully InterPlay

How to start a holy week…

Dalai Lama quoteDalai Lama quote

Friday-Dance Anywhere Day: The InterPlayce Friday morning group crossed the street to dance in front of the new “Always Faithful” Mural. Then, I lunched with Ellen Solot, an InterPlayer who introduced me to the shruti box and later sang an original Jewish chant onto my voicemail to comfort me.

Dalai Lama quoteSaturday-Syncroni-City day. I stumbled upon a big purple herchurch (former Ebenezer Lutheran) and met pastor Stacy Bloom inside of the AWE: A Women’s Eye photo gallery. After hotdogs at  an Asian diner, “The Bashful Bull” I headed to Land’s End to walk the labyrinth.

Sunday AM: I dreamt that an Asian man gave me a book: “The Art of War.” That afternoon I went and bought it. Somehow it seemed oddly appropriate for a day on the Christian calendar known as Palm Sunday or the day that Jesus made his political move.

I am surrounded. Faith traditions cross-pollinate me through friends of every religion. And that’s just my outer world. Inside, unbidden dreams illuminate wisdom of animals and teachers from Asia, India, Africa, and Europe. In my genes the Genome Project confirmed that mom’s DNA carries the markers of Dalai  Lama quoteAshkenazi Jews My body is a spiritual intersection. If my body is a temple…it’s some kind of crazy holy week in here.

My faith grows like a tree with branches, the roots and trunk are solidly those of my family of origin with a rich tradition of service, love, incarnation, and a table set for friend and enemy. Yet, as a dancer my feet claim a deeper soil that relates to energy, physics and presence in my body. Dancing interconnects me with an ever-present Source. Dance is not my religion, but it is one of the world’s primary vehicles for communion, a communion also available through stillness, song, love making, and many physical ways that can happen accidentally or grow with cultivation of conscious practice.

InterPlay is a faith bridging practice. It developed out thirst for the spacious, wild, mystery found in religion’s crafted rituals of movement, voice, story, stillness, and connection. Phil and I honed small structures that repeatedly give way to artful improvisations of spirit in individuals, groups, and the worlds of our making. For this to happen, it has been compulsory to affirm each person’s wisdom and tradition for traditions are in our body. Gradually these ways attracted kindred souls from all over the map, people who hearken to what bodies want: kindness, compassion, beauty, gratitude, support from on high, and a chance to learn and contribute. In my holy week I go with the Dalai Lama.

Dalai Lama quote

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