Gave us wings…She did!

Elizabeth Mendana has wing power! She gave InterPlay a lot more than Publicity support these last few years.
She came to the Bay Area before InterPlayce was InterPlayce. She joined Wing It! Performance Ensemble and learned to teach InterPlay as a Bay Area and National Leader. She formed her own dance company – Mendana Productions, created and performed several seasons of choreography including “Flying Dream” – a beautiful contact duet accompanied by Theron on didgeridoo, became a sought after professional stage manager and lighting designer, climbed Mt. Ranier, developed InterPlay’s first PR position, produced InterPlay’s Oakland fundraisers, traveled to Bali with Masankho, married Theron Shaw, and filmed and produced Giving Wings – about InterPlayers reaching out with love, creativity, and service to kids in juvenile detention, people in recovery, homeless seniors, and people in performance, workshops, classes, and life. YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE IT! Produced in 2005, it still makes us proud!

This April Elizabeth and Theron will spread their wings to permanently roost in Seattle. Theron will continue working as our Development Director from there. Elizabeth will start a Pilates practice, take and teach Modern Dance, continue with Mendana Productions and MORE, and connect with the vibrant InterPlay community in Seattle.

ELIZABETH…..Phil, me, Stephanie, Dorothy, and all of us will deeply miss your gracious, gracious, competent, caring, consistent, qualified, creative, crafty, coy, and gorgeous dancing spirit coming and going in our immediate midst. You gave us wings! Thank you!

Sending Elizabeth off with a great piece of pie!


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