Bubble Theory of Social Change: Devil 0/ Funlovers 1,000,000

Praise to you who are tender.
Praise to you who conjure joy.
Praise to you who leap speed-bumps of difference.
Praise to you who affirm others at the drop of a hat.
Praise to you who dance, sing, laugh, cry, and speak of love without restraint.
Praise to you who in social awkward moments risk embarrassment in order to connect.
For you bind, bond, play, heal, renew, weave the world again and again.
Thank you!
Those who divide (d/evil) un-do others, but in the long run there is no point to it. Hence, da devil gets NO POINT- Zero!

Here’s a new theory of social change. I call it the bubble theory. Instead of becoming one big circle, maybe we need bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles of pro-activty, moving, bumping, overlapping, saying thank you. (Did you know that hydrogen passes by oxygen 17 times till it connects to makes water?—someone check me on that…i heard it through the grapevine).

How do bodies want to organize? Like bubbles! Like atoms, molecules, cells, dividing (in creative ways) multiplying, bit by bit. They want to be both part of the fountain of life and a unique contributor.

Historic change and challenge seems to produce more bubbles. Maybe we’re a soup that is heating up. The constraints and limits of our situation are like a lid. When the lid goes on, the soup heats up. More and more bubbles. Maybe is good. Soup needs to be hot, not luke warm.

All this is to say, I think the time of bubbles is here and InterPlay is one of the bubble factories! YAY!

I see rampant indications of young and old people who are oddly bubbly (when not completely depressed). I see bubblicious actions popping up everywhere.
And these bubbles cannot be stopped. They are colliding, connecting, and multiplying-bubbles of buoyant embodied beauty, fun, and connection. The bubbles are popping up in unexpected places-halls of science, academic meetings, down in the dumps, slums, and in our homes.

Here are bits of evidence from the InterPlay Bubble Factory

· Million Connections Campaign celebrating all kinds of wonder: Our score since October nears 50,000 (and I haven’t even logged my India connections!)

· Arts for Social Change: InterPlay for Next Gen Leaders: We already have signups for the 15 slots

· New InterPlay groups starting in Kansas City, Portland, Ashland, Montana, Ohio, Chennai India, etc etc.

· Outreach to St. Mary’s Homeless Seniors in Oakland

and on and on…

Praise be to bubbles and to all the ways we are moving…

One Response to Bubble Theory of Social Change: Devil 0/ Funlovers 1,000,000

  1. Marc says:

    The full recipe is Circle,Bubble,Technology

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