This week’s post comes from Phil Porter!

I once taught a week on “fear” using InterPlay as a way of exploring the subject. We described the physical sensations that go along with fear (body data), we noticed the things that created that response in our bodies (body knowledge) and we gathered the learnings we had about how best to deal with fear (body wisdom.)

I noticed that although I don’t consider fear to be a controlling experience in my life, I could sense the large and small fear responses that flashed through my body on a fairly regular basis. It turned out that my biggest fears (after we had eliminated some of the categories like spiders and steeply slanted sports arenas) were the fear of being embarrassed in public and financial fear (from years of being a freelancer.) I realized that I had a number of excellent strategies for dealing with fear. (I’ll have to write about those and then charge ya!)

One of the things I know is that the only way to deal with terrorism is to proceed through life with courage (which means, of course, being afraid but doing it anyway). Terrorism isn’t about harm so much as sowing fear. For one person who might be hurt, a million get scared. We can spend a gazillion bucks on the latest anti-terrorism gadgetry to try to solve the problem but then the terrorists will already have won. All they need to do is disrupt the order. They don’t even need to kill anyone, just make us think that that might be a possibility. Look how much psychic energy we’ve been using since the most recent airline incident! What a lather we’re able to work ourselves into!

Security can’t be bought. It can only be woven through relationship.

So take a deep breath and use the tools you have to quiet your fears. My guess is that you already know what to do! And, if you are still a little afraid and you need a virtual hug, click here.


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