This Year: Time to Get Carried Away?

A teacher once told me, “Hopelessness has more energy than hope.” It sounded counter-intuitive, but she was a recovering alcoholic ballet dancer and knew the power of hitting bottom. When you hit bottom you get something to push off from.

Maybe your new year is full of hope, maybe not. Either way, maybe its time to surrender and get carried away? Love yourself wildly. Be insanely good to yourself and others. Don’t abandon your body. Breathe! Rest! Play! Check out Chantal Kreviazuk singing “This Year”

My new year is carrying me away to InterPlay India with Trish Watts, Alison Lee, Tony Hole, and Trish DeLaney from Australia, CathyAnn Beaty and Diane Christopherson from the US. We’ll join new InterPlay leaders in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Kerala, and Mumbai as we share InterPlay with NGO and corporate leaders, victims of prostitution, domestic violence, and healing communities in our 3rd annual InterPlay Global Exchange for Peace. Please dance on our behalf as we travel and teach January 6-21. Visit the blog and pictures of the 2009 trip.

That’s just the beginning of getting carried away in 2010. A menu of workshops will take us around the US, Australia and Brazil. We have a new August 2-13 program for 18-25 year olds Art & Social Change: InterPlay for Next Gen Leaders. Know someone in this age group you’d like to help sponsor? Let us know.

Phil and I are jazzed to assist groups to move beyond the machine metaphor to understand and use the best of the group’s body wisdom in GroupDevOne: The InterPlay Group Development Toolkit.

CathyAnn Beaty’s workshops offer CEUs if you want to learn How InterPlay Tools Are Useful in Therapy. Masankho Banda leads InterPlay to Teach Peace, and I offer InterPlay as Soulwork.

InterPlay is used for so many things! Perhaps you’ll step or dive in to a class, Untensive Retreat, or Life Practice Program. (Read what Phil has to say about “jumping into the pool” on the new InterPlay blog!)


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