Antidote for Self Doubt

What if I told you that self-doubt, fear, hesitancy, immobility, and anxiety are normal, that insecurity is appropriate until you feel safe enough to play in the world?

What if I told you that you are the best one to know what your body needs, that your will and willingness are keys to life?

What if I told you that fear gets exacerbated when you lack affirmation, playmates, guides, and simple freedoms to move, breath, connect, notice, speak, voice, be still and just be you?

What if I told you that self-help isn’t enough, that you are communal to the core, that sensing a group, you and I hungrily question whether we belong?

What if I told you that lacking common songs, dances, and stories, a new social glue is needed, that the world wide web begs the connective tissue of body wisdom to be graceful?

What if I told you that “making” is your birthright, that creating beauty, whimsy, and bridges to new places on behalf of greater things can ignite purpose, that there are irreverent, playful, soulful types ready to laugh, cry, tell the truth and reach beyond themselves and that changing the world requires listening to your body and dancing with others?

What if I told you that the InterPlay Life Practice Program, a community experience spread out over a few months, could be the antidote for self-doubt? It’s tools, ideas and practices can help harness freedom to heal, be bold, tender, wilder, more grounded, just, live life, and get seen without ridicule or the obligation to perform. It can leave you feeling more like you, more artful, wise, connected, and clear and give practical tools not taught in today’s schools or religions.

What if I told you that people do the program more than once because it is so rich and useful?

What happens in a life practice program?

The Secrets of InterPlay three-day workshop gives the overview of the InterPlay Practice. Many people take it to learn about the program. Some take it at the end as a review. Both work.

The Secrets of InterPlay teaches the small, basic steps to access your artfulness in everyday movement, voice, stories, stillness, and connection. In the process, an unspoken embodied vocabulary for respect, self-care, and wisdom emerges.

Going on to do the multiple weekend Life Practice series, gives you an adept InterPlay leader and a consistent community of practice in a small group of 5 to fifteen people. You begin to use the InterPlay practices as containers into which you pour life questions, needs and desires. Confidence in your body wisdom increases as you get familiar with InterPlay’s improvisational structures and discover your ability to spontaneously shape experiences that welcome your unique limits, strengths, and needs. The most surprising, revelatory aspect of the program is the focus session. Here, the community takes time to witness and affirm each participant, reveling in the incredible answers, insight, reassurance, and beauty available when we take brief moments to dance, voice, tell or notice our wisdom with other.

As the program evolves, many claim InterPlay as more than an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. With ideas and practices that tap community resources it becomes more than a personal program. It’s a community building tool kit, international community arts network, and global social movement that gives people a new way to connect to the world and move beyond self-doubt as supported players in a challenging but beautiful world.

The Life Practice Program begins in January in Oakland, Raleigh, and Iowa and in April in Minnesota. Find out more!


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