InterPlay hugs Charter for Compassion

Dancing Hand to Hand in India

This Thursday a global dream will be unveiled. Karen Armstrong, after years of writing about world religions, dreams of one thing to unite us all – Compassion. Watch the video.

Once upon a time Phil and I shared a ride with Karen after teaching at an event. There is nothing like getting physically close to a person you admire. She was so human, humorous, and tired from her book tour. In the video above I saw another hero of compassion, Joan Campbell, leader in the National Council of Churches. She and I were in a huddle at a Women’s Gathering at the National Catherdral in Washington DC. On one hand she was in a phone conversation about the crises of an important middle eastern representative, on the other she helped sort out our response to an event participant whose reputed purpose was to disrupt and smear our interfaith gathering.

Compassion might be easy if we are bonded, but when we lose our social glue, compassion gets really tough. Helping diverse and even similar people bond, is a gift of InterPlay. The Charter of Compassion website says, “Compassion manifests itself in the world not by thinking but by doing.”  Doing involves more than words and smiles, it is a condition of bodies connecting.

Compassion is an act of empathy. How do we strengthen empathy, that strange merger of a respectful and wild, loving heart? Some people have a gift for this. The rest of us need help. InterPlay is a tool set that can help. Its active and creative forms allow people to use ancient practices in a new way. We bond when we move, attune in voice and body, witness, receive, and share truths in little everyday stories. To strengthen compassion, groups may need some interplay or at least a deep breath and a sigh.

Will you join in embracing the charter of compassion? Some InterPlayers might celebrate the charter in upcoming events. It’s a perfect fit with our dream of creating a million healthy connections over the next few years.

A playful connection is like gold. It registers in our body as timeless and sustaining. Even damaged relations can become golden again with such good ACTS of compassion. At this time in history that is something to get your whole body around.

Charter for Compassion website

Another Charter for Compassion video

Charter for Compassion on Facebook


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