350: dancing to dial up earth’s area code

Want to be inspired? Visit 350.org to witness an incredible global social movement in action! InterPlay joined it by improvising!

Yesterday, October 24th, the International Day of Climate Action, WING IT! and InterPlay celebrated our twentieth birthday in three performances and submitted one of over 15,000 international photos to let people know about the goal to reach 350 parts per million of carbon in our atmosphere (we’re currently at 390 and rising).

WING IT’s Dorothy Finnigan instigated a Saturday night piece about MIRROR NEURONS and the 350 CAMPAIGN! Yesterday we took a 350 photo. You can too. Join the fun. As InterPlayers we are part of a global pack. We dive deep. We play hard. We follow wisdom. We take one step at a time. We follow ecstatically. We apologize for our blunders. We enact! I, for one, follow 350-er, Dorothy, and the wave of young pioneers moving us forward! Dorothy says, “If we don’t make a planetary shift towards 350 ppm soon, life as we know it on this planet will be irreparably changed. The GOOD NEWS IS that between existing technology and emerging technology, we have the capacity to make this change. We CAN DO THIS. The issue now is political. That’s why the 350 campaign began: to get people to know and understand the issue so that they could appeal to lawmakers, from local officials to the UN’s highest panel on climate change (which meets in Copenhagen in December!).”

Our bodies may understand the need for survival better than anything else. If survival is what it takes to get our world to dance, sport, sing, and artfully reach out for health, so be it. Spread the word about 350.0rg and the movement to connect people in joyful, healthy ways through InterPlay!

Check out the AMAZING 350 InterPlay performance on YouTube featuring Dorothy, Penny Mann, Sheila Collins, Randy Newswanger, Michelle Jordan and others!


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