Global Social Movement Shake Up

Crazy. InterPlay is in a new place.

With one wild taproot in Oakland, California, InterPlay’s 20 Years of connections are running rampant. As fragile as poppies and as tenacious as crab grass, InterPlayers are springing up through the cracks of institutions, families, and common spaces all over the US, Australia, and India, as well as in Europe, Brazil, and Africa. People want to play, find connection, and create better worlds with less angst.

With a new national board, more and more trained leaders, deep breaths and deep body wisdom, we’re offering small world changing practices to create healthy interactions. The in-between-places within ourselves and our groups is getting infused with mirror neuron vitamins. (don’t know what I mean? check out last week’s post.)

Last weekend Phil, Theron, and Nika, Body Wisdom’s board president, played with Seattle InterPlayers to launch the three year Million Connections Campaign. This campaign celebrates healthy connection as one of InterPlay’s greatest contributions to the future of our world. Along with a million connections we’re raising a million dollars to keep the connections flowing among all kinds of people. The Seattle community raised almost 30,000 dollars and counted over 5,000 connections that had been made in the last two months without even trying. WOW.

It turns out that InterPlayers are not just playing around for the heck of it. We are dreaming big. When I closed my eyes in Seattle I saw the planet ringed round with thousands of people moving in friendship. InterPlay does this through story, movement, voice, connection and stillness, under-developed but doable technologies in our busy, modern life.

I am looking forward to having you participate in the campaign in some way. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, you can tune in this Wednesday Oct 7 at 8 AM central time to hear Debra Weir, one of InterPlay’s founding members, share on Wisdom at Hand: Body Intuition with host Dr. Carol Stalcup on Stargazing Stories: Sparking Your Creativity.

As a dancer, dance teacher, improvisational performer and spiritual director, Debra Weir brings a unique perspective to experiences of creative movement, embodied spirituality and life formation. Our bodies persistently offer us information about our surroundings, life circumstances and inner world. Learning how to listen to body intuition and engaging the senses and imagination can help us become more self-aware and take better care of ourselves and others. Living for a number of years in Sri Lanka and Thailand afforded Debra the opportunity to use her improv background in cross -cultural experiences, as well as to develop new ideas for teaching about movement, spirit and the interconnectedness of humanity. Curious to know more about the signals your body sends you? About simple ways to develop body intuition? Join our conversation today!


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