Amazing T.I.P. technology available through InterPlay

You’ve heard of twitter….amazing!

facebook, myspace, online chats…remarkable!

Now there’s T.I.P. – Talking in Person! (coined by moi)

In five years studies will confirm TIPing as the most high functioning, potent form of communication. Social networkers in InterPlay who use TIP already know this to be true. More than sharing info and selling products TIPers GO DIRECT! Direct communication is one of the most powerful instantaneous CREATORS of body connection (social glue) and wisdom. Body to body communicating faster than the speed of words we can experience interpersonal health or disease, organization or disorganization. We can accelerate and increase shared knowing  We can make a better world in an instant.

InterPlay cultivates the willingness and ability to TIP. TIPing includes movement, vocalization, stillness, words, and actual contact. WHEN THIS HAPPENS BODIES LOVE IT! MINDS LOVE IT! HEARTS LOVE IT! Because InterPlay focuses on affirmation and honoring each person’s experience real time InterPlay is hot, loving, and juicy.

Last Friday I learned that computers want to help us TIP. Dorothy came to the Friday Morning drop in class, opened her laptop to gmail. Her friend Katie was online and waiting. Dorothy “called” her via the internet through video chat. Up came Katie’s live smiling face, (she’s an InterPlayer at Yale Univesity). She was able to see us and we were able to see her. She danced with us, witnessed us, and said her name in the circle in the moment, directly connecting, but from different sides of the US. WOW. It was awkward at times. The computer couldn’t hold the connection and Dorothy had to help it, but it was direct and worth it.

I get energy from TIPing. If I want to make a thing happen, clarify confusion or give to someone, I call or get together. InterPlay allows me incredible opportunity to do this. Add some rest, food, and the ability to stop connecting and Voila…the world looks pretty good.

Want to learn more about how TIP technology works? Check out the NOVA video on Mirror Neurons. The body’s incredibly cool neural network genius. You got it, why not use it.

Keep on TIPin…


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