The Wedding of Lives

Have you seen that great InterPlayful video with the guys and gals dancing down the aisle? As far as I know Jill and Kevin and their gang are NOT InterPlayers, but I think we should make them honorary ones! Anybody know them?

Cynthia and Stephen Winton-Henry

Thirty years ago, September 8th, 1979, Stephen and I danced right in the middle of an outdoor ceremony to a violin playing a tune from Fiddler on the Roof. Our “I do’s” were spoken under a willow tree. A homemade banner hung over the pool that said, “Together we jumped into a pool that wasn’t there until we jumped.”  Improv, here we come. Sure, sometimes it’s felt like we were in over our heads. Commitment, that never-ending dance of step-step-steppin’, has been hard, easy, rewarding and demanding. It turns out that hanging out with Stephen is one of the best things I do. He is good for me and to me.

Thirty years ago, Phil and I also began dancing together. Members of Body and Soul Dance Company, one of the first dances we shared, choreographed by Judith Rock, was called “Covenant.” Appropriate. Covenant is what you do when you choose to keep faith with a person or group. Covenant requires all of us. With unspoken promises from our hearts, our thirty years accumulated without a marriage. But anyone who has watched us dance remarks on the unique wedding of our lives. Covenanting and choosing to work together is not something we planned. It was gifted to us by each other and by some greater dream that asked us to create, serve, love, and inspire. Either that or we are just insanely obstinate.

This coming weekend InterPlayers Theron Shaw and Elizabeth Mendana start their marital journey. InterPlayers Randall Mullins and Sharon Pavelda will preside. Let’s wish them all the blessed anniversaries they can stand.

P.S. Did you dance during your wedding? Let me know about it. Want to know how InterPlay supports relationships? Share your story and I’ll spread the good news.
P.P.S. Happy Anniversary, Stephen and Phil.


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