It’s a Seed Year

It’s a Seed Year…
Some of you know that I tune in to the wisdom of the Mayan Calendar. This calendar is one of the world’s most sophisticated lunar calendars. It goes beyond linear time to include the mytho-poetic relationship to days, seasons and years. Representatives in the US have been syncing the calendar with the Gregorian calendar. This makes it easier to track time with it.

I learned about this calendar from an InterPlayer (who else?) and found it wonderful to think of days as things like Sun, Storm, Dog, Serpent and Skywalker Days. Plus, I discovered that one’s birthday symbols say a lot about what one is here to do in the world. I was born on an 8 eagle day.  Want to know more?

Here is why I like to play with this calendar.
It is rooted in the lunar cycles. LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE MOON!
It plays with cycles, waves, and spirals of time. LET’S HEAR IT FOR SPIRALS! (See InterPlay logo)
It is body based. It correlates anatomy, planetary anatomy, and galactic bodies. LET’S HEAR IT FOR BODIES!
It includes more than chronos time. The multidimensional fullness of time is part of each day and year. LET’S HEAR IT FOR HAVING  A GOOD TIME!

What I really love is that the Mayan Calendar suggests that synching up is a great thing to do. To synchronize from syn (together) and chronos (time). What if time were a place of synchronicity?

The serendipities and synchronicity of InterPlaying are even more deeply enhanced as I give a little easy focus to this calendar.

So here’s the deal. Last Sunday was the start of a new year in the Mayan Calendar. Last year was a Storm Year- lots of catalytic change! This year is a 4 Seed Year- all about self-existing forms and what they can grow. This year is a time for honoring the deepest blueprints, seeds, for life on earth. I just love that InterPlay is a seed system, a cache of forms for playing deep and wide.

As Dorothy Finnegan and Cassandra Sagan say, “May the Forms Be With You!”

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