InterPlay with Vets

Dorothy Finnigan and I met in Connecticut. We were at an “Untensive” hosted by Lisa Laing. Irresistibly confronted by all 4 feet 11 inches of her vibrant, open hearted, 100-mile-per-hour creativity, I learned that she had just “walked out” of Yale University, (“walk out” is a term created by Shilpa Jain of Y.E.S. and her brother Manish in India to describe students who purposefully move out of factory style educational settings). Dorothy was in search of something more than Oz. She wanted wise “elders.”

As one of the brilliant young activists working at the intersection of art, green spirituality, slow activism, and community development, Dorothy had already traveled the globe, busked on the street, served the Rainbow People, started a community at Yale, and held onto her Irish Filipino family that includes Davy, an older brother with CP. Someday soon you’ll read her story. It’ll be in some crazy book about growing up in a motorhome with the amazing Finnigan family juggling troupe, teaching community building to school kids all over the US and winding up at Celebration, a Disney planned community.

After we met, Dorothy flew to California last summer for the International InterPlay Conference, stayed for both Fall and Spring Life Practice Programs, joined the National Board, is doing the Secrets of Leading InterPlay, and assists with Bay Area outreach projects. As a twenty-something community artist and activist, Dorothy is actively using InterPlay to create the world she desires.

That’s where the Vets come in. To learn what happened when she took InterPlay to Vets, read her story on Gretchen Wegner’s blog. (Gretchen is an InterPlay board member, inventor of the MuseCubes, Wing It! member and learning activist.)

P.S. Dorothy and I attended the Y.E.S. collaborative gathering in Berkeley this weekend. Click here to be inspired by the international leadership of young visionary colleagues.

Check out the upcoming InterPlay with the Ancestors Untensive July 9-12 with Masankho and me.


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