5 Recommended Daily Requirements

Oh, I get it. When I’m free to move, have my voice, tell my story, receive touch and just be (hang out) its like getting the five recommended daily requirements for healthy living. I might have these things anytime with anyone. When I pet my dog, Christopher, and hang out with him on the couch I enjoy two of these health conductors. When I take a deep breath, let it out with sigh, or sing in the shower, voila, my voice fills with presence. When I hear a tune on the radio and move just because it feels good, something unlocks in my soul. When I go to a group where people take a moment to reflect and tell their truth, words become beacons of clarity. When all five of these things are moving and breathing and playing themselves out in community the effect can be… life-saving. I know because this is what happens in InterPlay. As I heard someone recently say, “I feel like I found the other half of myself.”
When I traveled to Malawi to Masankho’s village, happiness exuded from the way these five forms of human expression were intrinsic to village life. In India, too, another dancing, singing, praying, playing, storied land, people constantly transform suffering through ritual and spontaneous uprisings of healthy art. These places are rich, fertile homes of communal bodyspirit.

Our desire in InterPlay is to re-encourage people to enter the warm waters of personal and communal health. We use incremental steps and lots of affirmation to invite real moments of grace and goodness, hilarity and beauty in each other. This is so much fun and we get so much pleasure out of it many InterPlayers get spoiled. For us the artful life IS a healthy life. We don’t need to make a much bigger deal out of it than that. Gratitude results. We have our health, our movement, voice, stories, contact, and stillness, even when we struggle. Somehow when we dance and sing and speak into a welcoming stillness, the answers and reassurance we need await us.

Getting your five recommended daily requirements? Gretchen Wegner reflects on them in her blog.

If you need a booster shot…check out an Untensive Retreat on the InterPlay website.


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